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December 2015
Project Managers:
Ryan McGuine     Christina Hirons
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Our first proposed project is the installation of solar panels at a health post in the community of Washa Kebele, Ethiopia. The health post is currently without electricity, and as such, it relies on expensive and unhealthy kerosene and inconvenient flashlights for lighting. Further, without electricity, if a patient needs medicines that require refrigeration, a community member must make two 16km trips (usually on foot) to a larger and more comprehensive clinic that does have electricity in order to retrieve the medicine.

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Fall 2016 Update

The EWB-UW Ethiopia program was approved as a project by EWB-USA in July! Our first project is going to be the electrification (most likely via a solar PV system) of a health post in a rural community 14km outside of Aliyu Amba. Since July, we have been planning for our first assessment trip, planned for January 2017. Our first  Our goals for the trip include building a relationship between our group and the community; gaining a better understanding of what exactly the community wants to power, and thus what the load profile will look like, and thus what the system as a whole will look like; and assessing the site for where the best place to mount solar panels is, as well as how to configure the safest arrangement of system components, since many people of different ages and backgrounds will use the health post regularly.

Fall 2015 Update
Last semester, we finished our 501 and 502 documents, which we submitted at the end of January. We are currently awaiting word back from EWB-USA.